Another Acquisition



Along with the secretary that I wrote about a few months ago, I have been wanting to acquire a vintage typewriter for a long time. Much like my extensive secretary hunt; I searched Etsy, ebay, yard sales and antique shops in the hopes of finding one. My grandmother had the amazing advice that I search the latter two in hopes of finding the perfect one.

   I had my mind set to pay the expensive prices for one that I’d stumbled upon on Etsy or one on chairish; those ranged from $170-$350 but…a couple of weeks ago I had the strongest feeling that I  needed to visit my local Habitat ReStore. I did and picked up a few things but was still just rambling around when someone came in with a donation and I heard the magic words “old typewriter.”

  Needless to say, I jumped right on that asking the clerk if it would be for sale that day. Yes, I was ready to buy it sight unseen.  That’s her, my beauty! I snagged her for a GREAT price and although she doesn’t work right now I am still the proud owner of a cast iron typewriter.


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