FRIEND, – Jean Valentine

courtesy of

courtesy of 

Today, I wanted to post about friendship and the complex beauty of it. Yesterday I received a surprise care package that made my day and reminded of why I keep certain people around (inside joke). So as I found myself missing my poetic partner and remembering to love the friends that I have left I stumbled upon this Jean Valentine piece that was written for poet Adrienne Rich. I consider myself extremely blessed in that my first best friend was my mom; she always stressed the importance of valuing my true friends and this poem was another reminder.

I hope that you enjoy it. To friendship!

You came in a dream, yesterday
—The first day we met
you showed me your dark workroom
off the kitchen, your books, your notebooks.

Reading our last, knowing-last letters
—the years of our friendship
reading our poems to each other,
I would start breathing again.

Yesterday, in the afternoon,
more than a year since you died,
some words came into the air.
I looked away a second,
and they were gone,
six lines, just passing through.

                                          for Adrienne Rich

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