Walking After Midnight


In spite of my post last week I later found myself doing some late night writing for this class that I’m taking which coincidentally is a writing class. Yeah, I forgot to mention that. I think that taking this class is adding to my reluctance to write. In an attempt to kick the butt off of writer’s block I finally decided to listen to one of my playlists as I tried to write.

Well, one of the songs on this particular playlist is Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight.” And I immediately smiled a huge smile as I sang the first verse and  chorus. Sounds strange, huh? But here’s the thing. Patsy is one of my all time favorite artists hands down! In all seriousness! I had the double disc of her greatest hits.My love for her stems in part because my mom made me watch her biopic Sweet Dreams and also because my grandfather was a lover of all kinds of music so I knew Patsy Cline’s music before I knew that there were genres.

“Walking After Midnight” is dear to my heart though because I used to randomly sing it to my mom all the time. Like all the time! And she would always laugh because it was so random. I started doing it when the song but the old AT&T commercial featuring the song and it would always make her smile. So when I heard this song after smiling; my creativity immediately went into high gear.


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