I’m Gone Be Alwrite

writing scrabble

For a while, Kendrick Lamar’s song “Alright” has been playing in my head. The chorus is a mantra for me some weeks as I remind myself that I’m going to be alright. Today, I decided to do a play on his words and say that I will be all write. Because as long as I can write then I will be alright. This weekend has been jam packed with one of my favorite things, writing. I have picked up a couple of writing obligations which I am super excited about but I also had to finish a piece that was especially difficult and one that capitalized on the emotions that the earlier piece stoked.

Since 2012, writing has become therapeutic. It has been the number one way that I’ve expressed my emotions and the inner workings of my mind. One of the worst parts of having writer’s block is that it stifles my creativity and also my ability to purge the surplus of emotions that flood my system daily and weekly. I remember once having writer’s block so bad that I felt sick and wasn’t sure why until I realized that I wasn’t even reading. That’s when I knew that there was a serious problem. This week, I wanted to force myself to write as a way to combat being overly distressed.  I am trying to force myself to write through the roller coaster of my emotions as a way to prevent some sort of emotional short circuit and it may be helping but what I know is that writing is therapeutic for me. I hope to share a few new pieces of poetry with you over the next two weeks and possibly some new fiction.

Have any of you written as a salve for your emotions? Or as a way to purge?


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