Update and New Plans


Happy Monday! Okay, first let me give you an update on my NaNoWriMo project. Last week, after my failure post I managed to catch up on my story and I was happy for about 24 hours. That lasted until I realized that catching up didn’t really change much at all. Therefore I have given myself permission to put the story to the side and focus on other things like studying for the GRE, preparing for the end of the semester and doing some much needed work in my home office.
I am still writing on my NaNoWriMo story, the thesis project and some poetry. I also plan to begin working on polishing a piece that I wrote during grad school just to keep my skills sharp.
I’m looking forward to these projects especially to cleaning and organizing of my office. I have a brown metal desk that I salvaged 10 ten years ago and I’m planning to paint it and make a cover for my office chair (maybe). I am not however looking forward to studying for and taking the GRE. I’m normally a great test taker but I am worried about this one and its ability to make it difficult for me to get into a good PhD program. Has anyone else abandoned or altered their November plans? Anyone have GRE advice?


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