Edge of Night

This is one of my birthday gifts to myself as poetry often is. I am still working on it and will tweak it to include more imagery and possibly more literary devices. The title comes from the fact that my father crafted my name from two of his favorite soap opera characters; one of which was from the defunct Edge of Night.
I spent a VERY long time despising both my first and middle names and it was only when I realized how good it looked on a resume that I began to embrace my first name. I still hate my middle name with a fiery burning passion though.
I hope you all enjoy and are having a great weekend!


Just when you thought
You’d never survive
The emotions that
Threatened to
Eat at you like
A great white

You are staring into the
Sun’s brightness
Knowing it’s no match for what
You lost
But you enjoy it anyway

All of a sudden out of nowhere
The laughter you thought had abandoned you
Bubbles up from your throat
Surfacing unbidden
Without warning and erupts

Threatening to overtake you
And sweep you away from
The feelings you’d been so
Deeply mired in before

It is the exact opposite of
The bitterness that burned most viciously
Threatening to singe your vocal chords
Preventing you from screaming in
Frustration and grief

At that moment you realize that
You are feeling

All things that you deemed impossible
On that day
The edge of night has once again
Brought you life


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