Cosmopolite-Georgia Douglas Johnson

Good afternoon! I hope that you’ve all been enjoying this wonderful December weekend. It has been a hectic week for me and I haven’t even started baking yet. I have been catching up on my reading though and trying to get a bit of writing done but this is a busy time of the year with the semester ending, my birthday and Christmas all closely packed together.
I wanted to share this piece that I found through an email from which is a wonderful resource that I use throughout the year especially during National Poetry Month. Georgia Douglas Johnson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 10, 1880 and was a prominent participant of the Harlem Renaissance. This piece speaks to the fluidity of humanity. I love the sophistication of the title and the complexity of the poem.


Not wholly this or that,
But wrought
Of alien bloods am I,
A product of the interplay
Of traveled hearts.
Estranged, yet not estranged, I stand
All comprehending;
From my estate
I view earth’s frail dilemma;
Scion of fused strength am I,
All understanding,
Nor this nor that
Contains me.


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