2016 Writing Resolutions


Okay, so here we are at the start of a new year and as promised I’m sharing my writing resolutions for 2016. Since these are my writing resolutions for 2016 I try not to make them too ridiculous in the hopes that I actually accomplish them. Do any of you have resolutions for the new year?

1.)Invest in myself, continue to build platform– I’ve joined a few organizations and an online group where I pick up lots of inspiration and tips. I am working on developing as a writer and a blogger. I’ve also met some amazing self published authors who have inspired me to put my writing plans into action.

2.) Writing Camp– it has been one of my goals for a few years to start a writing camp during the summer. I’m hoping that this is the year that I can finally make it happen.

3.) Submit! Submit! Submit!– this is one of my resolutions every year and every year I feel as if I fall short. I need to polish some of my academic writing as well as my creative writing and submit more pieces during the year. I want to submit a minimum of six pieces in order to consider this goal accomplished.

4.) Blog weekly– I put this on my list every year to keep me committed to the blog. I am always thinking of posts and trying to keep them interesting and I hope that this year brings more of that.

5.) Have National Poetry Month events– I’ve already planned some activities and am working on at least two more in my community.

6.) Attend literary events (conferences, signings, festivals)– this is one of the hardest things to complete for me. I am committed to attending at least four festivals, conferences or other literary events this year. I always seem to miss out on the ones that I really want to attend but this year I am committed to attending some smaller events as well as some major ones.

7.) Work on Tasting Salt– this is the thesis project from my MFA. It’s the project that I wrote about late last year. It was originally a novella but I may make it novel length. This year I want to reread it, polish it and perhaps self publish it.

8.) Publish– this is tricky because I’ve always wanted to be traditionally published but as I mentioned earlier, I absolutely have been inspired by some self published authors and this is something that I plan to accomplish in 2016.

9.) Grow the blog!– I love this blog and want to see it grow in popularity and content so I will be refocusing and doing some updating. I found some wonderful resources that help bloggers and I will be sharing them in a later post.

10.) Write– I often get caught up in everything else in my life so I need to focus on making sure that I am devoting time to writing. I want to establish a writing routine instead of haphazardly writing when the mood, dialogue or a bit of scene hits. I hope that setting a routine will help me become more productive and focused.


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