Writing Problems


Here we are 15 days into the new year and I am failing miserably at the one goal that I usually consistently stay on top of. My blogging has suffered because of some crippling writer’s block, laziness and the desire to read. This is something that I’m not used to simply because I always have something to blog about. I always have something to share, some new poem or rant. Now, I ‘ve drawn a blank. No, I’ve drawn several. The reading part is not problematic except for the fact that the spring semester just began and I will now have to turn my attention to reading student’s writing. The laziness however coupled with writer’s block is a bummer.

Unfortunately, I have no quick fixes for either of them. In fact, I think that they’re closely intertwined. I have writer’s block so I am comfortable being lazy about creating new pieces. I also have a problem with the fiction that has been living in my head. I feel that the story lines all contain certain elements. All of them! I’m not sure if this is real or if it’s something that I made up in the middle of a breakdown.

So this weekend I will be reading but I also plan to write some fiction. I may start something fresh or it may be a new take on something old. I don’t know yet. I just know that I have to create something and post.


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