I am Trying to Break Your Heart- Kevin Young

Poetry, poetry, poetry! This poem is the goal of all of my writing! The ultimate goal, for me, is to infuse my work with emotion and to evoke it in my readers. This Kevin Young poem is so amazing. In this piece, Young writes “Loneliness is a science.” Loneliness is a science, people! That line in itself is enough to warrant reading this poem but Young pours on the rich literary devices that gives this poem life. One of the things that allows me to enjoy National Poetry Month so much is that it allows me to explore and share the work of so many poets. This is quickly becoming the joy of my poetic world.



I am hoping

to hang your head


on my wall

in shame—


the slightest taxidermy

thrills me. Fish


forever leaping

on the living-room wall—


paperweights made

from skulls


of small animals.

I want to wear


your smile on my sleeve

& break


your heart like a horse

or its leg. Weeks of being


bucked off, then

all at once, you’re mine—


Put me down.


I want to call you thine


to tattoo mercy

along my knuckles. I assassin

down the avenue

I hope


to have you forgotten

by noon. To know you


by your knees

palsied by prayer.


Loneliness is a science—


consider the taxidermist’s

tender hands


trying to keep from losing

skin, the bobcat grin


of the living.



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