Disrobe-Sonia Raven Montalvo

Today is really special because I am sharing a poem written by one of my former students. That would be great in itself but this piece is taken from the book, What If I Fly? by Sonia Raven Montalvo. I admire her so much for creating her own book and place on the literary lamdscape. The pieces in this collection feel carefully selected and tended; as if she’s reworked them to perfection. Disrobe spoke to me from the start and as I’ve reread it, I find another line to love.

Sales for the book have been temporarily suspended but the writing is amazing. Sonia has produced prose and poetry in a voice succinctly her own and desperately needed today. She is currently the Entertainment Editor and a columnist for HBCU BUZZ.


Disrobe (2010 revised in 2015)

I unbuttoned my dignity,
unzipped my pride,
and slipped off my integrity.
Undressed now, I ask if he’s happy
If Satan smiled, I imagined it would look like his.
Grinning ear to ear placing eyes on my flesh,
then fingers,
then penis,
then his insecurities,
and then his seed.
They are all equally heavy,
all just as concerning

Copyright 2016 by Sonia Montalvo


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