Update- Writing Routine


A while back I was lamenting my lack of writing routine. Well, thanks to some excellent advice  (Thank you Quanie!) I have made real progress in establishing a writing routine. As of now, I  am writing at least an hour a night. I try to write between 8pm and midnight; the time varies based on how my night goes and I typically write longer than an hour but I now have a time frame where I’m committed to sitting down and writing. I know that seems really late but I am such a night owl that I’m more productive during the night hours. It’s really been working! I’ve been using the time to write my blog posts, revise my WIP and work on finishing some poetry pieces.

Eventually, I’ll need to devise a separate time for editing and revisions but for now I’m satisfied with having nailed down a time where I can dedicate to my writing. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! Happy writing!


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