I think that this is a piece in progress. I’ve been working on it in my head since last week’s sentencing and the letters broke. I’m still toying with it so expect to see it in another form at a later date.


For all victims of sexual and gender based crimes.




This will never be

controlled by you, no matter how many drinks I’ve consumed,

what I’m wearing or who else I’ve slept with.

You can’t comprehend

that I am more

than this S type body, this hair, and this flesh.

My womanhood

is so fucking awesome that your covetous eyes

can only see me one way.

I was born knowing that

my existence has been dictated by others since the rib.

So when I couldn’t be intelligent, strong willed or vote

I was still amazing.

And in spite of it all

I am strong, I can birth babies, bleed blood, slash tires and forget all about you

Long after your stares, hands and acts have tried to destroy me

I will still be here

I will still be mine


I will still dictate whether I can truly ever be yours.



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