Writing a Wrong


I absolutely love this King quote. I first encountered it while reading On Writing in undergrad (I think) and it quickly became one of my mottos. Reading for me, is the ultimate comfort. After my mother’s funeral I spent the weekend and much of the next week losing myself in the words of others. I think that the actual feeling of holding a physical book is one of the things that prevented me from reading e-books for so long.
I have often felt that it was my love of reading that stoked my love of writing. It fed my desire to emulate the authors and poets I admired. I didn’t want to write exactly like them but I wanted to create like them. Reading that quote was like a permission slip to continue reading as much as I wanted.
I have been reading quite a bit lately. Way more than I’ve been writing in fact because I’ve been writing so much for my courses. Reading allows me to escape as much as my writing does. It seems like the more I read the more I want to create my own worlds and hopefully those world’s will allow others to escape too.

That might just be wishful thinking


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