Everyday Poetry and Poetry Everyday

Poetry, poetry, poetry where would I be without you? I don’t really expect an answer but it’s an important question. One of the reasons that I am committed to participating in National Poetry Month and to grow poetry in my community is because of how poetry has influenced my life. This is especially important considering the state of poetry in publishing. I say this after being told many times that a lot of presses aren’t publishing poetry. Even though I see plenty of calls for poetry and chapbook competitions. 

I tell people, including my students, all the time that poetry does not have to be complex or over your head. It doesn’t have to be this brain racking, ball of confusing words and phrases. It is the human experience and I write poetry to express the mayhemail in my head and world. My poetry is my statement on current events, losses, food, trips, poetry, books even shoes. I determine what my poetry says but not who it touches. 

It should evoke, resonate and resound. For me, poetry is this palpable thing. It’s presence is something that I rely on to get through the hardest moments in my lifr. It is my coping mechanism. It is therapeutic and I think that my love for it grows every week. 

One of the best articles that I’ve read about the benefits of poetry comes from Writer’s Digest. I already knew that poetry was good for me and why but the reasons listed in the article made me want to share.I’ve included the link so that you can share the joy. 



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