The Song of the Feet-Nikki Giovanni

This poem is everything to me. I am taking yet another class and this poem was one that I selected and used in my introduction. Nikki Giovanni’s way with words is astounding. Her writing is all the things that I associate with the word “poetry.” In this piece, she paints a portrait so clear, not just of being a black woman in America but she also weaves in this beautiful history of this country and how America essentially built itself after freedom. Just beautiful! I hope you all enjoy.

Have a great weekend!




It is appropriate that I sing
The song of the feet
The weight of the body
And what the body chooses to bear
Fall on me
I trampled the American wilderness
Forged frontier trails
Outran the mob in Tulsa
Got caught in Philadelphia
And am still unreparated
I soldiered on in Korea
Jungled through Vietman sweated out Desert Storm
Caved my way through Afghanistan
Tunneled the World Trade Center
And on the worst day of my life
Walked behind JFK
Shouldered MLK
Stood embracing Sister Betty
I wiggle my toes
In the sands of time
Trusting the touch that controls my motion
Basking in the warmth of the embrace
Day’s end offers with warm salty water
It is appropriate I sing
The praise of the feet
I am a Black woman

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