Smart Girls Read Poetry

My apologies, the previous post was the unfinished version of this piece. It was inspired by the link at the end of the post. 

For a very long time, writing has been a balm for me. It has helped me survive enormous losses and almost always helped me navigate the emotional minefield of life. Well reading poetry has done the same. We all read for different reasons but I read to be entertained, to learn new things, and to be inspired. When I first began reading poetry, I didn’t have any of the hang ups that people normally associate because I was so young. 

We first met when I was a young girl. It was the beauty of the words that I connected with. Later, when I needed help navigating the whirlwind of teenage emotions, when I was grieving losses as minor as cutting my hair and as major as lost friends poetry was there. 

Time and again, it has helped me to navigate my way through life. I feel the same comfort and creative spark from reading and watching poetry as I do from writing it. 

Smart girls(and guys) read poetry and write it too!


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