Writing…The Beginning 

I fell in love with storytelling at the feet of one of my great grandmothers.  Her ability to weave a story was probably my first experience with literature. With that being said, the allure of crafting my own literature, my own stories is something that I believe flows through my blood. 

I recently read something from one of my favorite authors and she said that writing the story is easy part. For me, that’s the major problem. I craft all of these storylines and bits of dialogue but sitting down and committing to an entire story is where I fall apart.This year, I have started no less than three pieces and have yet to finish any of them. When I realized that I went back to some of my previous pieces and began to examine them. Trying to see if they were viable or needed to be scrapped. 

  Part of the problem seems to be me. When I get an idea, I am devoted to it until I think I have it figured out.  As a creative writing student, I was forced to explore these ideas and to ultimately decide whether they could work. Now it  all falls to me. And although I am not as busy as any other writer, I find it difficult to juggle all of my other interests and obligations with my desire to write prose. 

So I’m going back to some of the lessons that I gained in grad school. I’m digging out my craft books and trying to stick to my writing routine…but maybe I should just start writing. And not stop until I’m done. 

2 thoughts on “Writing…The Beginning 

  1. Quanie Miller (@QuanieMiller) says:

    One of the HARDEST parts of being a writer is settling down with an idea. We’re creative. How can our stories expect us to be monogamous??? What works for me is saying, “Okay. Of these ideas that you have, which is the most ready? And of those, which is the better story idea/the one that readers will enjoy the most?” That usually helps me, and I just knuckle down and commit, despite my muse’s always wandering eye. I hope your craft books help!

    • southpawscribe says:

      Quanie, thank you so much! That’s what I’ve been doing. Just examining which stories seem like their going to work or seem like I could commit to them or won’t remind readers too much of anything else. I’m just skimming one of my favorite craft books Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.

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