Impatiently Waiting



In the words of the great philosopher Shawn Corey Carter, “I got no patience.” The above meme is a perfect depiction of me exhibiting patience. This is the absolute truth and I realize that it is quite possibly an incurable negative character trait. I am waiting for a final response for a workshop in January that I was super excited about applying to and possibly being accepted into. Anyway, the deadline was in June and I would have just written it off that I didn’t get accepted but they sent an email asking me to be patient.

This was my face when I read that:


In another life, I probably could have been Veruca. Well, the impatient bratty part of her personality. So here I am waiting for a follow up on a September 2nd email. As I write this post, it’s been nineteen days counting the weekends.I tapped my nails on my desk after writing those words because nineteen days is quite a bit of time to be patient.  Acceptance into this workshop would be such a blessing and I would be able to cross some things off of my literary travel list and consider it a belated birthday trip if necessary but the hard part is waiting. It would also allow me to focus more on some aspects of the story that was my thesis project. So I’m super excited about the possibility. Which means that I’ve found myself checking the website every day to see if any announcements have been made and I have forced myself to not continually look at my phone to see if an email has miraculously appeared.

I just really needed to vent because patience isn’t one of my virtues. So now I will go back to impatiently waiting for a final response.


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