And when I say poem- Rebecca Wolff

​There is something inherently beautiful and compelling about a poem written about poetry.It might be because I’m a poet, but in my opinion, poetry is that thing that allows poets to birth greatness and change.

I just love this one and I hope you all enjoy it!

I mean this thing

I want to write and no other

You will not be so clever

as to resurrect the feathered

the tatty wings of a costumed

angel in my dining room

tatty spatial realm

room where I exist and look at things and eat them

and float nine inches above the floor

and no one else need know

and no other poet

will do


The poet will do

what the poet will do and mime

or maim the poet

meme—in fancy

venue or classroom or focus

group the wings of the poet

relax and warm and shed and oracular

shit out the window in a pile by the side of the road

and the commitment of the poet

to engage, subvert, refract, or remand

is safe in my vagina at last where it belongs.



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