That October, they said

that time would lessen the loss.

They lied.

Because I don’t think they took into account that

you were my best friend, gave birth to me, talked to me

every day, even as you lost your breath.

They didn’t take into account that

I had never taken a breath without you.

How was I supposed to take another one

after losing you?


These days the pain is an ever-present ache

Arising unbidden…

Your voice is still in my ear,

Calling to me from wherever you are now.

The sound of your voice still rich and alive while

Replaying old memories like

A movie on the screen.

I still hear your laugh haunting me

Even as I feel you walking beside me.


The pain is still crushing when

I awake from a night spent with you because

I still see you in my dreams

Flashing the smile that lit up so many of my days.

Still providing comfort to me when I need you most.


I can still feel your fingers trailing over your tattoo, touching my shoulder and hair

Even now, you are still wrapping me in the warmth of your love.


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