Untitled-James Baldwin

In what may be the single, greatest slip-up of my blogging career (that’s a bit of hyperbole) I realized that I may not have any James Baldin on the blog. Well, I couldn’t call myself a lover of poetry and words without sharing something from another of my favorite literary greats. As soon as this semester is over, I am going to be delving into a lot more Baldwin. I’m looking  forward to revisiting some old favorites and knocking others off of my classics TBR list(yes, that’s a thing in my world). This poem will have to satisfy my Baldwin cravings until then.



              when you send the rain

              think about it, please,

              a little?


              not get carried away

              by the sound of falling water,

              the marvelous light

              on the falling water.


              am beneath that water.

              It falls with great force

              and the light


              me to the light.


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