A Library to Admire

A few weeks or so ago, I stumbled across this beauty posted on Instagram. It made me rethink everything about my home office with it’s mismatched shelving and other junk. This is the real life home library of bibliophile and Instagram user @hotcocoareads(Jeana). For the first time in a long time, I committed the sin of coveting. I mean, this thing is a book lover’s(and writer’s) dream. It’s the perfect blend of function and necessity in my opinion. 

Look at it!  Two stories of books, seating areas, a work area, glorious lighting, a fireplace, wooden blinds, a winding staircase, and beautiful rugs. All tied together with a sage-like paint. There’s even several pieces of art under one of the lower windows.  

She said that they  bought their house with creating this room in mind and that while it was under construction she kept hoping it would all be worth it. We both agree that the end result was well worth it. Jeana also said that she uses this as her writing space. I can only imagine the inspiration this room brings. I haven’t given thought to my dream library in at least seven years. This picture made me realize that I should plan for this type of place where I could work, read, drink tea, and relax. 

Do you have a library? Or a room with books? What does your dream library look like? 


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