Next Year, New Plan

Normally I begin the year with pre-set writing resolutions/goals and that list typically involves creating and shopping new pieces. Next year, I’ve decided to do it a bit differently. I’m going to open the year by studying (really this time) for the GRE and by working on a few academic/nonfiction pieces. I am currently experiencing the kind of creative inspiration that happens periodically so I have ideas coming from all over but they sparked the decision to try to work and create differently. Not in the hopes of having a better outcome but of being more creative and productive. 

I’m currently taking a nonfiction course and have just finished the first draft of the one story that I’ve been avoided since October 13, 2012. It was not cathartic but in getting the story on paper I feel as though I have accomplished something. As I began revising it and trying to decide how I could make it real for the reader I saw the Google Doodle for Steve Biko and remembered a paper that I wanted to write so I jotted down some notes for that idea too. One of my favorite things about teaching World Literature II this spring was having the opportunity to insert some protest literature into the course. That allowed me to introduce myou students to Biko and others they were unfamiliar with. So I want to write about that experience or about that literature.

Are there any ways that you plan to alter your plans for the new year? Have any of you already set your goals for the next year? 


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