Notes from Grief

As some of the longtime readers of the blog know, I went through several really difficult losses from 2011-2012 and again in 2014. When I lost my fur baby in January 2011, I was unsure if I would survive it. He was my first pet after a really disastrous loss of my previous pets and I grew up surrounded by dogs but it was still hard. Until I lost my mom in 2012. I thought that I would never recover from that loss. It was as if my heart would never heal. Then in February 2014, I lost one of my best friends and in September of that year I lost a cousin who was like my sister. Those losses battered me. Make me feel as if I would never feel anything ever again. 

Those losses taught me some lessons that I absolutely want to convey into a writing course for people who are grieving. Until then, I wanted to share this short piece that I’m adding to the novella that I wrote as my thesis. 

If you’re lucky, grief doesn’t break you. It may shake your foundation and alter you irreparably but often it makes you stronger. In the days after, you wonder how you’re going to make it through another day then you realize that you’re still breathing, walking, feeling; even if it’s nothing but hurt. Grief doesn’t destroy you completely. It’s like a natural disaster; it makes you rebuild. 



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