A Life of Service 

If you grew up in America in the late 70’s, early to mid 80’s then you probably recall some of the news about Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday becoming a national holiday. I remember when the weekend and Monday meant movies about MLK most of the weekend and all day Monday. 

As a result, I always felt a bit like I knew all that there was to know about MLK so I began to read about the other M’s: Malcolm, Marcus, and Medgar. The older I got, the farther I drifted from going back to MLK to read as an adult which is horrible. I’m going to make sure to pick out at least one or two books about him to add to my evergrowing TBR list. But I’ve also decided how I’m going to serve in his memory. 

While today is a day of service, we have to remember that his life was one of service. That he paid the price for so many freedoms that people take for granted today. I read this amazing Instagram post earlier that encouraged people to write down a goal to uplift someone else’s dreams. I haven’t done it yet but that’s how I’m going to honor Dr. King today and in 2017. 

Happy MLK Day! 


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