Tea Stations and Writing Spaces

Whether I’m reading, writing, or grading, I find that having mugs of tea helps immensely. I mean those 16 ounce mugs! Although I have some gorgeous smaller teacups that are perfect for ginger or sinus soother tea. 

I realized that I needed a tea station and have been working to create one at home since I have a mini station at work. I’ve seen so many that I loved but have been working to find the right base for the one in my writing space. One of my favorites and my inspiration for the one is my office is this one from Baked Bree http://bakedbree.com/things-that-make-me-happy-my-coffee-station but I also have a mini one where I store my tea which can be seen in the picture above. I’m slowly developing a little corral for some of my lesser used cups and teapots that I’m keeping in my office. 

Do any of you have tea or coffee stations? How did you decide to put yours together? 

Have a great weekend!


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