How Batch Blog planning Worked for me

As I shared last month, I decided to give batch blogging a try while I was traveling. Batch blog planning appealed to me because I love the idea of writing my posts, or planning them all, on one day and then creating or selecting images on another one. It didn’t really work out for that well because I was traveling while trying to complete my tasks but I really like the concept behind it.

I am still struggling with dedicating days for each batch of tasks but I think this is the future of my blog planning. It allows me to plan for all of my ideas but to also think about what images I want to attach and not schedule my posts so that they publish and I don’t miss a week of posting. 

 Also, I have these blog planning sheets that I need to use up and batch blog planning is going to help me with that as well. So far, I have been able to plan ahead for the next two weeks of posts if I post twice a week. If not, then I have enough for a month. 

Have any of you successfully planned your posts? 


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