I Finally Did It

I got Scrivener! It’s been one of my goals for a few years and it was near the top of this year’s list when I learned about a sale that would allow me to purchase it for $20. I just couldn’t say no to that! Scrivener is a writing software program that helps with plotting, organizing, and formatting. 

I haven’t used it yet because I decided to do the tutorial again to familiarize myself with the software. I’m slowly working my way through that again but imagine the sheer joy that I felt upon learning that I can import text into it! So I can work on everything that I previously created without rewriting it all. 

Expect a post on my experience with Scrivener in the next month or so. After I finish the tutorial, I plan to import my NANOWRIMO story from 2015 in the next few weeks to see how it works. 

How do tou write? Paper and pen or another system? Is anyone else a Scrivener user? How is it? 


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