Happy National Poetry Month!!!

It’s April again which is National Poetry Month. It’s one of my favorite months, not just because I am a poet, but because I’ve always been a fan of poetry. 

In the years since I found out about National Poetry Month, I’ve always had lists of how I plan to celebrate and I usually never accomplish them. I always want to do a lot but don’t plan ahead or enough in advance which seems to be the case against in 2017. 

 So this year, I am doing something simple. I’m scaling it all the way back to enjoying and supporting the art form. In that vein, I will still be sharing poetry all month but these are my major plans for NPM in 2017:

Read More Poetry!

Buy More Poetry!

Support a poetic event!

Does anyone have plans for National Poetry Month? Any exciting events that you plan to participate in or attend? 


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