My Dream Writer’s Conference Panel

I was inspired to create this post by Eventbrite and since it falls right in line with something that I have been working on lately (more on that in a later post) I thought it would be perfect as my first post of May. With the amazing opportunity to create my dream book conference panel, I was inspired to put together the following incredible conference. 

 Since I have an affinity for Southern literature, which isn’t at all surprising considering that my family are Southerners, I would have the conference at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. 

My conference would consist of different sessions. Ta’Nehisi Coates would moderate and Alex Haley would be the keynote speaker. 

One session would be “Classic Voices” and would feature some of my favorite authors and poets with:

Zora Neale Hurston

Maya Angelou

Lucille Clifton

Langston Hughes 

Gwendolyn Brooks

The next session would be “Southern Ladies” with: 

Lee Smith

Harper Lee

I would also want to feature several of my favorite fictional characters so I would have the “True Character” session with: 

Atticus, Scout, Jem, Boo and Cal from To Kill A Mockingbird

Delia from “Sweat”

Missy May from “The Gilded Six Bits”

Laiyah from Mine to Have and Mine to Keep 

The entire Serendipitous Love gang especially Charlie and Nix! 

Iris and Rob from The Truth

Fire from Waiting in Vain 

Then because I love mystery there would be a session devoted to that genre “Don’t Forget to Look Behind You” with:

Chester Himes

Agatha Christie

Rachel Howzell Hall

Attica Locke

The “Voices of the Diaspora” session would feature my favorite Caribbean writers with:

Colin Channer

Kwane Dawes

Edwidge Danticat 

Since I love romance there would be a session titled  “A Love Thing” with:

Christina C. Jones

E. Lynn Harris

Tè Russ


And finally, there would be a session with a few women writers that I admire for their various writing styles and topics with:

Susan Straight 

Leslie Esdaile Banks

Claudia Rankine

What do you think? Would you attend this conference? Who would be on your panel? 

If you are planning your own event and are looking for a resource to help you organize or are searching for local conferences click on this link for Eventbrite.


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