Literary Things (A List) 

Have you seen those roundups where bloggers share their favorite things? Well, I decided to give it a try. I love them but have been to lazy to curate my own lists. While searching my phone for a specific picture, I recently discovered that my gallery is full of things that the bookish would love so here’s the first curated list.

I hope you find something you love or something to gift to a bookish loved one.



1.) I love throw pillows and this one is such a cutie! I can see myself with this in an armchair in my reading nook or in the future when I have a home library. It can be purchased from The Nerdy Birds(Etsy) for $15.95.


2.) These awesome library coasters are from Book Riot! As someone who consumes tea as she reads I think that these would a welcome addition to any reader or book lover. The brightly colored set costs $18.00


3.) One of the things that I have absolutely been in love with lately is book scented candles. There are quite a few companies that sell them but this one from Paper Street Candle Co.(Etsy) is among my favorites. I think that it would be one way to add a little coziness to your reading space without making major changes. It’s no longer available but hopefully there will be more soon. wp-image-1731295806

4.) I love these larger mugs. They mean that I can drink without having to stop to make more tea. I was searching for new ones since one of my favorite mugs has a chip in it and I stumbled across this beauty from Blue Fox Gifts(Etsy); the 12 oz mug costs $14.99 and the 17 oz costs 18.99.

5.) This hoodie, just in time for cooler temps, features the name of my favorite fictional coffee house. It comes in quite a few colors but the gray is so lovely. It’s on the website for $28.49.

6.) This cute pouch can be used for a number of things (I can see it as my new travel tea pouch) and has the same library design as the coasters. This one is also available in a really cute yellow.  It’s from Book Riot as well and costs $12.00



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