This one is a little different. It begins with a line from “A Song for You”originally sung by Leon Russell but made popular by Donny Hathaway. I’ll probably go back and make it longer at some point, with separate stanzas and a refrain. But for now, enjoy

For 40 years, I loved you

Where there’s no space or time

For 40 years,

There was distance or disagreement

Strong enough to keep me from you

In the 41st year,

I love you still…

You are forever

The keeper of childhood and teenage memories

The maker of stick art, drinker of drinks, my loudest co-singer and cosigner.


American Smooth-Rita Dove

We were dancing—it must have

been a foxtrot or a waltz,

something romantic but

requiring restraint,

rise and fall, precise

execution as we moved

into the next song without

stopping, two chests heaving

above a seven-league

stride—such perfect agony,

one learns to smile through,

ecstatic mimicry

being the sine qua non

of American Smooth.

And because I was distracted

by the effort of

keeping my frame

(the leftward lean, head turned

just enough to gaze out

past your ear and always

smiling, smiling),

I didn’t notice

how still you’d become until

we had done it

(for two measures?

four?)—achieved flight,

that swift and serene


before the earth

remembered who we were

and brought us down.

poetry, reading

Poetry Quotes

One of my latest obsessions is poetry quotes. Quotes taken from poetry, quotes by poets, or quotes just exalting the beauty of poetry. It all started when I was looking for poetry quotes to celebrate National Poetry Month last year. This year I posted poetry quotes on Instagram almost every day in April.

As I’ve shared several times here, I’ve been a lover of poetry for many years and many of those quotes have reaffirmed my love of the artform.

I found that there are so many quotes that can just encourage you to write poetry or to simply read more of it. Last month, I taught a poetry workshop where the students created work based off of quotes from famous poets including audre lorde, Maya Angelou and Sonia Sanchez. The results were amazing! That was one of the proudest moments of my teaching career! There was something so powerful in hearing the words and sentiments that the young ladies were able to create.

Part of the impact of using, sharing and understanding these quotes, has been inspiring. I’ve become motivated by so many of them that I’ve decided to print out some to decorate my office.


September 2nd-They Reminisce Over You…


It’s been two months. And that feeling is still here. That void is still present. The ache won’t go away. Early last month, heard 93 til Infinity and immediately wanted to call you with it playing in the background. Tried to watch the Jersey tribute on the VMA’S and immediately burst into tears when O.P.P started. Then Latifah perfored U.N.I.T.Y and I had to stop;for my sanity and my face.

I’ve been here before, I know it’s going to eventually ease up a bit. But…I’m not there yet. The pain is still visceral, still throbbing and threatening. I am still trying to come to grips with all the things we’re never going to get to do again. All the laughs, memories and experiences are what keep me afloat. Most days. I’m going to continue to bask in them. Until we meet again

They Reminisce Over You…