Bye 2019

This title comes courtesy of one of my younger cousin’s Instagram posts. And it really symbolizes my mood for the end of this year.

2019 has been a difficult and amazing year. Although I hadn’t been doing a great job of keeping up with the blog, from July on I had little interest in writing or focusing on blogging. I suffered another devastating loss but was also invited to lead a workshop on poetry and to return to an institution that I love.

I plan to do much better with blogging in 2020 and hope to get back to posting every week. In 2020, I will be focusing on creating new work(both fiction and poetry). Hopefully, I will be able to create in a way that eluded me for much of this year. I also hope to host a series of workshops and to expand my brand.

See you in 2020! Happy New Year!



I chose you

Fashioned you out of old dreams and love poems

Picked you as if you were the prettiest magnolia blossom

To wear tucked behind my ear

Carried you as an accessory as pretty as ruby slippers and red lips

Cloaked myself in you as if you were crafted from the finest silks and cottons

I chose you as an act of self-care and every day

I choose you again


Update on Building a Poetry Section

A while back I shared on the blog my commitment to building a nice collection of poetry books. It was really the outcome of my realization that there just weren’t enough poetry books on my bookshelves given my love for the form. I’ve posted before that I’ve been a fan of poetry since childhood so I feel that I owe it more space on my shelves.

As a result, I’ve been buying books and pulling out some of the ones that I already owned. In the town where I live, there’s this small tea and used book shop and it’s honestly one of my favorite places to hang out. I found a Wordsworth volume there that has come to join the rest of the gang. In the past two weeks, I’ve also been buying poetry ebooks.

In 2020, I plan to continue working to have a nice collection of poetry books on my shelves and on my Kindle. Have any of you set literary goals for next year?