The Library Adventures

Home of my Literary Heart

This is the place where my love of reading was stoked. Outside of my maternal grandmother and my paternal aunt, this is the only physical representation of my love of and dedication to reading. Growing up in Eat Trenton, New Jersey fundamentally shaped me. It informed as much of my growing up as my family. But this place here, shuttered since 2008, is where no one policed what I read, where my desire for books was fed, where my ever expanding need for the written word was encouraged and commended much in the way it was in my elementary school.  There’s so much more I could say about how this building, the librarians in it, and the books housed there shaped me as a bibliophile. It was a very special place where my intelligence and interests were always a great thing.

This is where my love is libraries began and knowing that it will reopen and gift those things to a new generation touches me in ways I’m incapable of expressing.

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