Writer’s Travel List-Update

I went to New Orleans, again! This time, I was able to mark off something from my literary travel wish list. Right before I landed, I took a look at the New Orleans section of the list just as a refresher. Of course, I visited the French Quarter, and ate beignets and po’ boys but…I also went to Faulkner House Books. It was so amazing! It’s a small place but it’s shelves are filled with books so as a bibliophile I was suitably impressed. I managed to keep my purchases down to two books but I’m already envisioning a trip back. 

I was also able to sneak in a bit of writing while I was away. I’ve found that when I travel, I’m almost always inspired to create. So expect to see that in the coming weeks. 


The Unthinkable

Big announcement…I’m a reader. Like inhale books and keep them, love the smell and heft of them type of reader. But for the past week and a half I have been unable to get into any of my recently purchased books. A few week’s ago, during Amazon Kindle’s sales I was able to purchase Karin Slaughter’s The Kept Woman and Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing for great discounted prices. I tried started to read The Kept Woman twice. I able lonesome tried another book with no luck at all.

I don’t know what happened or how to get out of this rut. I know it’s not the books; it’s me. The last, new to me,books that I finished were by Catherine Ryan Hyde and then nothing. This is coming able lonesome the worst possible time because I’m currently stuck in the house with nothing to do but grade for an online class.I’ve tried various genres and everything but nothing is catching my attention.

Have any of you ever been in a reading rut? How did you get out of it? I welcome any and all suggestions for how I can fix this craziness. 

The Perfect Fall Night

One of my favorite things to do, in any season, is to read books and drink tea. Like any serious reader, I have an ever-growing TBR pile and less time to get through it. Lately though I have been making time to just read and relax which brings me to today’s post. 

In the fall, I get to pull out some of my favorite teas such as Stash tea’s Chai Green, and Pumpkin Spice or Adagio’s Candy Apple, and Sour Apple and binge on them. Tonight, I am relaxing with a mug of Caramel Apple(candy apple with caramel macchiatto creamer) and reading in bed. It has been an extremely difficult week and I deserve it. I’ve been planning to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird and Their Eyes Were Watching God so that’s what I’ll be doing at least tonight. Tomorrow, I might have to get back to work grading or being a responsible human being but tonight is all mine.

What do you do to relax? Any tea recommendations (for any season)? Or good reads? 

Writing a Wrong


I absolutely love this King quote. I first encountered it while reading On Writing in undergrad (I think) and it quickly became one of my mottos. Reading for me, is the ultimate comfort. After my mother’s funeral I spent the weekend and much of the next week losing myself in the words of others. I think that the actual feeling of holding a physical book is one of the things that prevented me from reading e-books for so long.
I have often felt that it was my love of reading that stoked my love of writing. It fed my desire to emulate the authors and poets I admired. I didn’t want to write exactly like them but I wanted to create like them. Reading that quote was like a permission slip to continue reading as much as I wanted.
I have been reading quite a bit lately. Way more than I’ve been writing in fact because I’ve been writing so much for my courses. Reading allows me to escape as much as my writing does. It seems like the more I read the more I want to create my own worlds and hopefully those world’s will allow others to escape too.

That might just be wishful thinking

Preparing for Next Year


   Have you ever heard the old adage about whatever you’re doing as the new year begins? Well, in the hopes that it’s true I’m spending the night reading. I know that I shoild be writing but I am brainstorming some new ideas. I’ve been reading a lot for the past month and since the semester ended I picked up the pace even more.
   Tonight, I’m going to read James Patterson’s Alert. I’m on page 60 so it should take the remainder of the night for me to finish if I start reading after finishing this post(and take time out for champagne at midnight).
  I hope that you all have a wonderful night and start to the new year. I’ll be posting my writing resolutions tomorrow! And I’m super excited to share them.

Why I Read

Oak Bridge 265

I remember before I ever thought of doing it…some of my family used to call me Professor. It wasn’t solely because of my ability and willingness to veraciously devour books but that played a large part in it. Well that and my skills with helping people write papers. In so many ways, I am still grounded in those two things. How lucky am I that my job is to do something that combines my strengths and loves? That they are part of what I get paid to do? At any rate, today I was wondering where my love of writing comes from. I think that I shared here before that I wrote my first story at six; at my writing desk. I know that it stems, in part, from my maternal great grandmother’s storytelling which always kept me entertained and gave me a love for stories. However, I think that my love of writing is rooted firmly in my love of reading.

Although I love writing, my love of reading is all consuming. I can spend an entire day lying in bed with either physical books or my tablet. I inhale them in a way that has been a constant all my life. Even when I’m taking classes I still make time to read for my own pleasure. Reading is also one of the ways that I become inspired to write.  The stories that I read inspire my own creativity but they also replenish my love of reading. I am waiting now for the arrival of a Laura Lippman book and plan to visit my library to pick up a few books for this weekend. I am planning to start prepping for my story for NaNoWriMo this year later on this week and I hope that my reading sparks my ability to create something amazing.

I’m Waiting


As many of you likely know, Harper Lee’s follow up novel Go Set a Watchman is being released this week. I pre-ordered as soon as I found out. I am of the school of people who believe that Lee’s introductory novel To Kill A Mockingbird was one of the best things to happen to American literature so to say that I was excited about the release of new work by the author would be an understatement.

So I am patiently waiting for Thursday’s UPS delivery and I will try to post again later in the week but I fully expect to be engrossed in that book for several hours. Yes, if the book is great I expect to finish it in one sitting. I plan to devote that time to the #1 book on my summer reading list (since I’ve only read one book from that list so far).

Are any of you planning to read Go Set a Watchman? What are you reading? Have you had more success with your summer reading?