The Library Adventures

Home of my Literary Heart

This is the place where my love of reading was stoked. Outside of my maternal grandmother and my paternal aunt, this is the only physical representation of my love of and dedication to reading. Growing up in Eat Trenton, New Jersey fundamentally shaped me. It informed as much of my growing up as my family. But this place here, shuttered since 2008, is where no one policed what I read, where my desire for books was fed, where my ever expanding need for the written word was encouraged and commended much in the way it was in my elementary school.  There’s so much more I could say about how this building, the librarians in it, and the books housed there shaped me as a bibliophile. It was a very special place where my intelligence and interests were always a great thing.

This is where my love is libraries began and knowing that it will reopen and gift those things to a new generation touches me in ways I’m incapable of expressing.

The Library Adventures

Library Adventures

In my biased opinion, the library is still as dope as it’s ever been. I made a concerted effort to visit it with my nephews during the summer and I love seeing it through their eyes. I loved stoking their like of reading and hoping that it grows into a lifelong relationship.

Late last month I was up until 2:43 this morning reading a book, Lisa Jewell’s And Then She Was Gone. It was then that I rerealized that I am still the same person who will read a 356 page book in one sitting and then regret finishing it. As if there aren’t other books littering my room. As if I was not fresh from a library trip earlier that week.With two more library books sitting on my bed…I stayed up late the next night finishing the latest addition to the Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison A Brit in the FBI series and then returned to the library for two Martha Grimes books.

I’m one of the people who sees the value of libraries regardless of ebooks, bookstores and other things. The library is one of the places that I feel completely free to be a book nerd without reprisal.

Tomorrow, I will be returning my late books and hopefully picking up a new batch.

The Library Adventures

A Library to Admire

A few weeks or so ago, I stumbled across this beauty posted on Instagram. It made me rethink everything about my home office with it’s mismatched shelving and other junk. This is the real life home library of bibliophile and Instagram user @hotcocoareads(Jeana). For the first time in a long time, I committed the sin of coveting. I mean, this thing is a book lover’s(and writer’s) dream. It’s the perfect blend of function and necessity in my opinion. 

Look at it!  Two stories of books, seating areas, a work area, glorious lighting, a fireplace, wooden blinds, a winding staircase, and beautiful rugs. All tied together with a sage-like paint. There’s even several pieces of art under one of the lower windows.  

She said that they  bought their house with creating this room in mind and that while it was under construction she kept hoping it would all be worth it. We both agree that the end result was well worth it. Jeana also said that she uses this as her writing space. I can only imagine the inspiration this room brings. I haven’t given thought to my dream library in at least seven years. This picture made me realize that I should plan for this type of place where I could work, read, drink tea, and relax. 

Do you have a library? Or a room with books? What does your dream library look like? 

The Library Adventures

There’s Something About the Library


As a lifelong reader, I have always had a great romance with the public library. I just think that there’s something amazingly awesome about libraries. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always been a patron of public libraries. I don’t know if it’s the free access to books, the knowledge of the librarians or just being among other bibliophiles but I just love libraries.
   I have been extremely lax in visiting my local library this semester. It’s not because I’ve been too busy I just really hadn’t taken the time. So about three weeks ago, on a cold and rainy day, I went to stock up on some reading material. I was not disappointed. I loaded up on a bunch of the latest books.On the day that I went Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me was announced as the nonfiction Nation Book Award winner. I already had it in my hand when I found out.
   One of the reasons that I love the library so much is because of my various reading interests. I can grab some romance novels, nonfiction, mystery and anything else that intrigues me. I am still working my way through the Coates book even though I just returned the bulk of the books I checked out last time. I also checked out two others books that I wanted to read.
   I know that my love of writing is directly connected to my love of reading. Have any of you had great library experiences? What do you love about the library?

The Library Adventures

Librarian Love- The Library Adventures


I’ve been a serious reader for a while longer than I’ve been a committed writer. But I’ve always known that the two were closely tied together. My affinity for libraries has been helped by the interest and support of librarians so this post is for them.

First, this love is not new. My paternal aunt was a school librarian and she helped feed my hungry obsession for books and reading from a young age. My high school librarian was a solace when I needed it. She offered me access to book, the comfort of the library and was an amazing sounding board and support system when my adolescent brain was frenzied not focused.

I’m not biased in thinking that my librarians are the best. Okay, maybe I am but they remind me every time that I enter the library why I feel this way.

Yesterday’s visit to my library simply cemented that love. No, it reminded me of the strength of my love for libraries and librarians. I went to renew some of the huge stack that I  shared in a previous post only to discover that one of my favorite librarians had already renewed them. Also, I  complained to another one of the librarians about a paper that is due in less than two weeks and she offered to proofread it for me! Where else in the world would that happen? Nowhere!

I would say hug your librarian but maybe you should just thank them instead.

The Library Adventures

What happens when you go to the library hungry?

It’s been a long time since I’ve added one of these posts but here goes…

What happens when you go to the library hungry? This…


By hungry, I mean severely craving books. When I visited my local library last week
it had been a while since I went solely for pleasure of searching the stacks in the hopes of finding something exciting and compelling enough to keep me curled up in a story. I needed the relief that only reading can provide for someone who loves it.
I feel as if I have been wrapped up in work for this course and trying to get my own writing done in addition to course planning for the fall and working on my family genealogy. On Tuesday, I had a pretty decent research day looking for information about my ancestors and I’ve been able to start revising a paper but in the moment that I entered the library and smelled that fresh library smell I fell into full book nerd mode!

It’s so bad that I went to another branch of the library on a mad hunt yesterday, after researching said ancestry, looking for more books! I only picked up one, the latest Sandra Brown release, but I still wish that I would have found a few more books to fill my days.
I feel like I should find a support group just so that I can say, “My name is B and I am addicted to books!”

The Library Adventures

The Library Adventures- Ogling

nightclub scene

When did the library become a night club? Who goes to the library to ogle people? Last week I went to the library to drop off a few books. I also wanted to pick up a couple more Laura Lippman novels to read during the final week of my current class. That didn’t work out too well. The books are still sitting here unread. So while I was looking at some books a guy walked by and mumbled “um um um” behind me. He did speak to and smile at me earlier but I was still a bit shocked. Granted I am bottom heavy and I was wearing yoga pants, and no I had not been doing any yoga, but seriously. Did my bum require comment? He could have made those noises for an entirely different reason. But I don’t think so because I’m quite familiar with that particular utterance. I wanted to tell him that when I go to the library it is to pick up books not men and although a man who reads or knows his way around the library is extremely sexy to me I was not impressed. I show up to ogle and choose books. Which I guess makes the library a kind of book nightclub.

The Library Adventures

Library Adventures- A Happy Surprise


Okay, so as most of you know I am a book junkie. A certified literary addict! Since I last posted about refraining from buying books I have inhaled large sections of some of my favorite authors. I did this via the library (but I’ve also purchased quite a few books). Well, the other day after dropping off two books at the library I was pleasantly surprised to notice a new Catherine Coulter book on the shelf. This book by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison, sitting prominently on the new books shelf, was seemingly waiting for me.

I try to keep up with the latest releases of most of my favorites but I knew nothing about this book, The Final Cut, in spite of the teaser at the end of Bomb Shell. Yay! Of course I snatched it up and read it in a day. It was that great. While I have become quite turned off by books that are written by two authors because of James Patterson (except for the Michael Bennett series and the Women’s Murder Club).

I have been a huge fan of Coulter’s FBI series (Savich and Sherlock) and I love this turn in the series because I’m also an Anglophile. I loved the idea of a new revamped Bond, but not Bond. It was a great read.

The Library Adventures

The Library Adventures…Short and Sweet


Okay, so last week I learned that my library had a new head librarian. I met her today. One of my favorite (okay, they’re all my favorites) members of the staff was helping someone else and the head librarian checked me out. She also took my four requests in stride and put the books on hold for me. She also paid me a great compliment as she noted the books I checked out and the ones I requested. She said that I have varied interests, and she loved that. She said she thought it was great. I told her that I will read anything as long as it was interesting. Although, I say it a lot I really love my library.

The Library Adventures

The Library Adventures… 1


I’m Making A List

I love my library! But I especially love it now that summer is (almost) over and I don’t have to deal with the teenagers who normally invade it while school is out for the summer. I like to go and wander the aisles, looking for a book to call out to me. Or I go to the new releases looking for something that I’ve read about. I have recently been picking up at least four books per visit however at least two of them are usually by Michael Connelly. I am an involved reader; I can sit down to read and block out the world. So after last Wednesday’s visit I found myself simultaneously reading two of the books I’d just picked up, a short romance and Jeannette Walls’ The Silver Star (an amazing read by the way). Before I was a third of the way through either book I found myself composing a list of what I wanted to pick up/request on my next visit. Yes, on the same day that I went to the library I had my list for the next visit. In fact, it was probably three hours later. I want to blame it on Amazon for having such great recommendations but…I’m just book crazy. Good book crazy.