The Holdup

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Lately, one of my biggest struggles has been trying to write every day. When I am troubled or just really need to get something down I usually don’t have a problem but lately it has been a catastrophe when I attempt to write. I didn’t anticipate encountering this when I’d previously had a sort of routine for sitting down to get some writing done. Apparently, I was sorely mistaken.

In an attempt to fix this I have been trying to read more since I believe the two are closely connected. However that hasn’t been working either. I have found myself rereading some of the same books trying to inspire myself and still nothing. This weekend, I even binge watched an entire twenty-three episode show in an attempt to get some inspiration. I was only inspired to watch more shows.

I don’t know what else I should try or how to break out of this slump. So I’m going to try two things 1.) freewriting  for at least thirty minutes and 2.) selecting five to seven words from my GRE flash cards and incorporating them into a writing. My goal is to try to do these each day for the next week or so in the hopes that it will help .

Does anyone have any suggestions on breaking a writing slump? I’d love to hear any tips or suggestions.


Secondhand Books Need Love, Too

In February, I spent a few days in New Orleans and one of my favorite things about the house where I stayed was that it had a mini library. There were shelves of books in the hallway that just added to the loved look of the house. 

I think that as someone who loves books, I’m always excited to see books in homes. Books make homes look lived in, they add so much to a house: aesthetic pleasure, add color and culture, and the proximity to books might make for committed readers. 

Books add character!

 As I’ve stated previously, in the future, I hope to build my dream library instead of merely having shelves in several rooms and boxes of books in other places. 

However, I recently realized that another the thing that I also love is buying books that someone else has already loved. I donate books and I love adopting previously owned books. I am also donating a huge box of books to my favorite local secondhand book shop

I am currently toying with the idea of a giveaway for a recently acquired, new book that I have no intention of reading. I’m going to give it away because I don’t think it should sit on my desk when someone could read and love it. 

My Dream Writer’s Conference Panel

I was inspired to create this post by Eventbrite and since it falls right in line with something that I have been working on lately (more on that in a later post) I thought it would be perfect as my first post of May. With the amazing opportunity to create my dream book conference panel, I was inspired to put together the following incredible conference. 

 Since I have an affinity for Southern literature, which isn’t at all surprising considering that my family are Southerners, I would have the conference at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. 

My conference would consist of different sessions. Ta’Nehisi Coates would moderate and Alex Haley would be the keynote speaker. 

One session would be “Classic Voices” and would feature some of my favorite authors and poets with:

Zora Neale Hurston

Maya Angelou

Lucille Clifton

Langston Hughes 

Gwendolyn Brooks

The next session would be “Southern Ladies” with: 

Lee Smith

Harper Lee

I would also want to feature several of my favorite fictional characters so I would have the “True Character” session with: 

Atticus, Scout, Jem, Boo and Cal from To Kill A Mockingbird

Delia from “Sweat”

Missy May from “The Gilded Six Bits”

Laiyah from Mine to Have and Mine to Keep 

The entire Serendipitous Love gang especially Charlie and Nix! 

Iris and Rob from The Truth

Fire from Waiting in Vain 

Then because I love mystery there would be a session devoted to that genre “Don’t Forget to Look Behind You” with:

Chester Himes

Agatha Christie

Rachel Howzell Hall

Attica Locke

The “Voices of the Diaspora” session would feature my favorite Caribbean writers with:

Colin Channer

Kwane Dawes

Edwidge Danticat 

Since I love romance there would be a session titled  “A Love Thing” with:

Christina C. Jones

E. Lynn Harris

Tè Russ


And finally, there would be a session with a few women writers that I admire for their various writing styles and topics with:

Susan Straight 

Leslie Esdaile Banks

Claudia Rankine

What do you think? Would you attend this conference? Who would be on your panel? 

If you are planning your own event and are looking for a resource to help you organize or are searching for local conferences click on this link for Eventbrite.

She Gave Life

Her six inch scar

Was a permanent reminder

of the gift she gave. 

That pink hypertrophic cross 

of life

always glared at those 

who dared to take notice. 
Apparently, the scar knew that 

She wouldn’t raise a shrinking violet.

She brought forth 

a tempest.

All wild haired and fiery;

a whirlwind 

of words, venom and sporadic niceness.

She spun that into poetry. 

I Finally Did It

I got Scrivener! It’s been one of my goals for a few years and it was near the top of this year’s list when I learned about a sale that would allow me to purchase it for $20. I just couldn’t say no to that! Scrivener is a writing software program that helps with plotting, organizing, and formatting. 

I haven’t used it yet because I decided to do the tutorial again to familiarize myself with the software. I’m slowly working my way through that again but imagine the sheer joy that I felt upon learning that I can import text into it! So I can work on everything that I previously created without rewriting it all. 

Expect a post on my experience with Scrivener in the next month or so. After I finish the tutorial, I plan to import my NANOWRIMO story from 2015 in the next few weeks to see how it works. 

How do tou write? Paper and pen or another system? Is anyone else a Scrivener user? How is it? 

How Batch Blog planning Worked for me

As I shared last month, I decided to give batch blogging a try while I was traveling. Batch blog planning appealed to me because I love the idea of writing my posts, or planning them all, on one day and then creating or selecting images on another one. It didn’t really work out for that well because I was traveling while trying to complete my tasks but I really like the concept behind it.

I am still struggling with dedicating days for each batch of tasks but I think this is the future of my blog planning. It allows me to plan for all of my ideas but to also think about what images I want to attach and not schedule my posts so that they publish and I don’t miss a week of posting. 

 Also, I have these blog planning sheets that I need to use up and batch blog planning is going to help me with that as well. So far, I have been able to plan ahead for the next two weeks of posts if I post twice a week. If not, then I have enough for a month. 

Have any of you successfully planned your posts?