She Gave Life

Her six inch scar

Was a permanent reminder

of the gift she gave. 

That pink hypertrophic cross 

of life

always glared at those 

who dared to take notice. 
Apparently, the scar knew that 

She wouldn’t raise a shrinking violet.

She brought forth 

a tempest.

All wild haired and fiery;

a whirlwind 

of words, venom and sporadic niceness.

She spun that into poetry. 

I Finally Did It

I got Scrivener! It’s been one of my goals for a few years and it was near the top of this year’s list when I learned about a sale that would allow me to purchase it for $20. I just couldn’t say no to that! Scrivener is a writing software program that helps with plotting, organizing, and formatting. 

I haven’t used it yet because I decided to do the tutorial again to familiarize myself with the software. I’m slowly working my way through that again but imagine the sheer joy that I felt upon learning that I can import text into it! So I can work on everything that I previously created without rewriting it all. 

Expect a post on my experience with Scrivener in the next month or so. After I finish the tutorial, I plan to import my NANOWRIMO story from 2015 in the next few weeks to see how it works. 

How do tou write? Paper and pen or another system? Is anyone else a Scrivener user? How is it? 

How Batch Blog planning Worked for me

As I shared last month, I decided to give batch blogging a try while I was traveling. Batch blog planning appealed to me because I love the idea of writing my posts, or planning them all, on one day and then creating or selecting images on another one. It didn’t really work out for that well because I was traveling while trying to complete my tasks but I really like the concept behind it.

I am still struggling with dedicating days for each batch of tasks but I think this is the future of my blog planning. It allows me to plan for all of my ideas but to also think about what images I want to attach and not schedule my posts so that they publish and I don’t miss a week of posting. 

 Also, I have these blog planning sheets that I need to use up and batch blog planning is going to help me with that as well. So far, I have been able to plan ahead for the next two weeks of posts if I post twice a week. If not, then I have enough for a month. 

Have any of you successfully planned your posts? 

We have no choice in the bodies that hold us- Holly Amos

It has been an extremely hectic week but I wanted to make sure that I posted something this week. I ran across this poem on whole looking for something to post. I think I fell a little in love with it because of the subject. 

As always, I hope you enjoy! 

Thing of dirt and water and oxygen marked by thinking

and reacting and a couch
one may or may not be permitted
to sleep on. He may not permit me
to touch him or to take the bone
from his mouth, but he does, and that’s a choice
based on many factors, not the least of which
is his own desire to let me
do these things. How I could ever
think or feel myself more
deserving of a single thing than
this being, whom I call by a name the same way
my parents chose a name for me. The same way my genes
went expressing themselves to make my face exactly
my face. This isn’t special. Or this is special. But it’s one
answer, the same, for us both.

Tea Stations and Writing Spaces

Whether I’m reading, writing, or grading, I find that having mugs of tea helps immensely. I mean those 16 ounce mugs! Although I have some gorgeous smaller teacups that are perfect for ginger or sinus soother tea. 

I realized that I needed a tea station and have been working to create one at home since I have a mini station at work. I’ve seen so many that I loved but have been working to find the right base for the one in my writing space. One of my favorites and my inspiration for the one is my office is this one from Baked Bree but I also have a mini one where I store my tea which can be seen in the picture above. I’m slowly developing a little corral for some of my lesser used cups and teapots that I’m keeping in my office. 

Do any of you have tea or coffee stations? How did you decide to put yours together? 

Have a great weekend!

Writing Without…

Early February is a hard time for me to create or to focus on what I want to accomplish. I know why it happens and I’ve accepted that it’s going to happen every year. But that doesn’t make it easier. So I have been very sluggish for the first half of this month, writing very little and worrying about how I can re-commit myself to my writing.

Right now, I am looking forward to a well-deserved break in a week and I expect to return with my batteries recharged and ready to share some new poetry and hopefully to have a rough, rough draft of one of my stories in the hands of its number one fan. That’s my plan at this moment so hopefully it won’t get thrown out once I start having fun. 

While I’m in the airport on my way to my getaway, I am going to start blog planning for the next month or so. I recently stumbled across a post from the site about batch blogging and decided that I want to give it a try. Hopefully, that will work out. 

I hope you are all having a successful 2017 so far or at least a great weekend. 

The Gift to Sing-James Weldon Johnson

Sometimes the mist overhangs my path, 

And blackening clouds about me cling;

But, oh, I have a magic way

To turn the gloom to cheerful day–

I softly sing. 
And if the way grows darker still,

Shadowed by Sorrow’s somber wing,

With glad defiance in my throat,

I pierce the darkness with a note,

And sing, and sing. 
I brood not over the broken past,

Nor dread whatever time may bring;

No nights are dark, no days are long, 

While in my heart there swells a song, 

And I can sing.