Writing Spaces



I have two places devoted to writing: the desk in my office and my secretary which is tucked in a corner of the living room. They’re both awesome although I wanted a secretary for long after I had the desk.

Both spaces ideally also serve as the places where I grade and come up with lesson plans.  However, both places are completely cluttered and I haven’t worked at either of them in at least six months.  One of my goals for this weekend, in addition to catching up on my grading, is to completely clear off one of my writing spaces.

It will most likely be the desk in my office because that one is the most cluttered. Although that desk is in a room, I don’t have enough space to store everything that I need so a lot of it just sits on top of my desk that includes papers from past classes that I’ve taught and taken. The top of the desk also has my wireless keyboard, stapler, tape dispenser, coasters, wireless mouse, pens, hand sanitizer, desk lamp and a mouse pad. In addition to a headset, webcam (still in its package), and a 4 port USB hub (also still in its package). I also have a stack of three letter trays sitting on the corner of the desk that I was supposed to be spray painting this summer.

I only used the desk sporadically and completed two degrees without ever touching it. I began to use it in 2012 and have worked to sit at at it and work at it since then but I often do most of my writing and grading in my bed or in a chair.

The office desk is an old, metal, brown clunker that I have had since at least 2004 that was liberated from a junk pile. I love this desk, in part, because it was free but also because it’s a solid piece of furniture that is almost my ideal desk. The only thing missing is a long drawer to store my pens and things right under the opening. But I’ve fixed that by inserting an organizer to store those supplies in the top drawer. Although I initially loved the color I am now thinking of painting it. But first, I have to clean it off so that I can use it.



Layer by Layer

Finally! New poetry by yours truly. I have been writing a lot but not feeling like my pieces are complete. This is a piece that I keep coming back to feeling as of it needs more. I decided that it was enough. Please enjoy! This is another post that failed to post a month ago so I am sharing it today. 

Image belongs to Taye Hansberry

I cannot unpack my femininity

Like luggage after a long trip.

Removing the different layers

As if trying to decide

What symbolizes it most.

I cannot allow you to define

or detract from it as if you

are the keeper of womanhood.

I will not allow you to usurp my femininity

and intimidate me.

I cannot lay aside the small things that

Make me proud of being a woman

Like dainty, lacy lingerie

Sexy dresses, jeans, heels

Or new jewelry.

My femininity is not a coat of armor but it is something I wear proudly.

So while some think it defines me as less. I know that it strengthens me, it is the power behind my strut, smile and grace.

Another Preptober



Okay, so I am gearing up once again to take part in NaNo. It took me quite a while to decide that I would give NaNoWriMo a go again this year. Once I had, I immediately knew which story I wanted to try to complete this year although I’m not certain that it needs 50,000 words. It is a sub-story from one of my previous projects and I decided that these two amazing characters needed to have a story of their own. It’s a friends to lovers tale and they are extremely entertaining so as part of my prepping and planning I am working on the elements and backstory of their friendship.  So today I wanted to share two major things that I am tackling as I work this Preptober.


All the Creative Stuff

One of my favorite things about writing (aside from creating the story) is creating interesting characters and their worlds. This year, I am behind in my creative process but I plan to be prepared by November 1st. Part of that, is doing all the little things that enable me to feel as if I have well-developed characters, a firm idea of the setting and the plot.

Worksheets are one of my major prepping tools. I use them to work out the character, my storyboard, and setting/character’s homes.  This year, I am using sheets that will help me figure out the opening scene as well as the ending. I am in the very beginning stages of completing those sheets but it’s important that I take the time to complete them. They are great resources for me to look back on if I get stuck.


Plotting Pantster

When I first started writing, I was a definite pantster. But the more that I write I find that I need the structure of the plot. That’s where my trusty storyboard sheets come in. I use these to highlight the major parts of the story and sometimes I will put little notes underneath so that I don’t forget the scenes that I want to include in each chapter. This year, I have also taken the time to highlight some of the major scenes that will take place. I am going to add those to my official NaNoWriMo notebook and I will be referring to them as I work on writing.

Are any of you planning to take on NaNoWriMo this year? If so, please share some of your tips and plans for winning.

The Product

They say I’m an amalgam

Can trace both of them in my face 

I’m more of a 3D picture changing with the motions

But I am all their fire, all her sweetness, some of her tomboyness, all of his temper.

I am an ever-changing chemistry experiment between two elements

October- Robert Frost 

O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled,
Beguile us in the way you know.
Release one leaf at break of day;
At noon release another leaf;
One from our trees, one far away.
Retard the sun with gentle mist;
Enchant the land with amethyst.
Slow, slow!
For the grapes’ sake, if they were all,
Whose leaves already are burnt with frost,
Whose clustered fruit must else be lost—
For the grapes’ sake along the wall.

Recovery- The Storm

 Today, I’m sharing another excerpt from Recovery. I am still enamored with the story and characters so I’m a bit reluctant to take time away from it to start something else for NaNoWriMo. Decisions, decisions. Hopefully I can start on a connected story so that I still work with some of these characters. 

As always, enjoy!


“Despite my failings as a wife, you are the one who cheated. You’re the one who lied. You are still lying to your son. If you don’t want to be bothered say that so that he can stop getting his feelings hurt,” she told him.

“I just need to know why…,” he began before she held up a hand cutting him off.

“Look, that’s the past. We’ve been divorced for nearly five years. All I want from you is for you to be a consistent parent to the child you created,” he said.

“If you wouldn’t have taken him…,” he said.

“Are you serious Max? Are you punishing him because he was created outside of our marriage? Or are you blaming me for taking him? Cause the marriage was dead long before I found out that he was on the way,” she told him.

He ran his hand over his face and told her “I’m going to try to do better Aub, I am. Once Anatra and I get settled, I plan to do better.”

“Are you sitting here telling me that your son has to wait for your life to settle down before he can have a relationship with you? Max, you have to want this. I’m so tired of trying to force you to be a father to your son. Let’s just stop trying,” she said looking him in the eyes. He slumped back in the seat as they stared at each other in silence.

She probably could have said it better but Aubrey was tired of fighting him. Max thought of Lucien as an inconvenience. Unless the press was asking about their relationship.  After she called him upon learning that he’d gotten a young lady pregnant. He denied that the baby was his. He even refused to talk about supporting the mother after he’d stopped paying for the apartment and car that he’d gotten for her. That’s how Aubrey found out. The twenty-one-year-old called Aubrey asking her to please convince Max to continue his support after he’d cut off all contact with her.

After she left the café, she went to her parent’s house for dinner and picked up her son. Once he’d been bathed, said his prayers, heard two bedtime stories and put to bed Aubrey went into her workshop in the basement and blasted her Jill Scott playlist and began to work out her stress. If she won the lottery, her ex-husband could ruin that. He wasn’t satisfied with shaking her self-esteem he had to try to ruin her son’s life too.

Literary Things (A List) 

Have you seen those roundups where bloggers share their favorite things? Well, I decided to give it a try. I love them but have been to lazy to curate my own lists. While searching my phone for a specific picture, I recently discovered that my gallery is full of things that the bookish would love so here’s the first curated list.

I hope you find something you love or something to gift to a bookish loved one.



1.) I love throw pillows and this one is such a cutie! I can see myself with this in an armchair in my reading nook or in the future when I have a home library. It can be purchased from The Nerdy Birds(Etsy) for $15.95.


2.) These awesome library coasters are from Book Riot! As someone who consumes tea as she reads I think that these would a welcome addition to any reader or book lover. The brightly colored set costs $18.00


3.) One of the things that I have absolutely been in love with lately is book scented candles. There are quite a few companies that sell them but this one from Paper Street Candle Co.(Etsy) is among my favorites. I think that it would be one way to add a little coziness to your reading space without making major changes. It’s no longer available but hopefully there will be more soon. wp-image-1731295806

4.) I love these larger mugs. They mean that I can drink without having to stop to make more tea. I was searching for new ones since one of my favorite mugs has a chip in it and I stumbled across this beauty from Blue Fox Gifts(Etsy); the 12 oz mug costs $14.99 and the 17 oz costs 18.99.

5.) This hoodie, just in time for cooler temps, features the name of my favorite fictional coffee house. It comes in quite a few colors but the gray is so lovely. It’s on the website beingmrsjones.com for $28.49.

6.) This cute pouch can be used for a number of things (I can see it as my new travel tea pouch) and has the same library design as the coasters. This one is also available in a really cute yellow.  It’s from Book Riot as well and costs $12.00