Writer’s Bucket List

I have decided to add a resources type of page on the blog and thought that my writer’s bucket list would be a great place to start. Some of these items were on another list but I was motivated by an old article in Writer’s Digest. Inside of another article there was a Writer’s Bucket List and I wondered what I would include on mine.

They suggested some things that I just couldn’t put on my list; like reading Shakespeare which I already subjected myself to and have yet to recover. Their list also contained attending a writing conference; I have already done that so I put specific conferences/ festivals. I have completed a novella and I hope to finish a novel this year. I also hope to participate in National Novel Writing Month this November if I can get some friends to join me. My favorite number is twelve so I thought that would be a good number to begin with. I plan to expand this list as I get new ideas.

Writer’s Bucket List

1.) Publish a short story
2.) Be published again
3.) Be a productive writer
4.) Attend the San Francisco Writer’s Convention
5.) Publish/Start working on anthology Colour: stories by women of color
6.) Attend the Brooklyn Book Festival
7.) Meet some of my favorite authors(romance and mainstream)*
8.) Participate in NaNoWriMo
9.) Teach workshops/writing camp
10.) Freelance for money
11.) Write and publish an essay
12.) Write a novel

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