A Woman of Many Talents

This piece was inspired by something posted by one of my students. Her response was to Rosemarie Urquico’s piece “You should date a girl who reads.” I instantly fell in love with Urquico’s words and felt compelled to provide my own little poem about the idea of a woman who reads (and writes). I can easily see this piece expanding and hopefully, I will be able to devote some time to it this summer.

I am
A woman who reads
who loves holding books and
Inhaling stories
Being transported to other
I am
A woman who writes
Is bold enough to create
Her own tales
To grab pen & paper
(Or put her fingers to the keyboard)
I am
A woman who is lucky enough to love them both
I am
Blessed indeed




I want to be deeply in love like
it used to be
when I was a teenager.
intense, hormonal, and emotionally overwrought
type of love that had me laying in the grass screaming
in frustration.
The love that had me trying to exorcise
my emotions by burning incense and his name.
But grown up love just doesn’t feel the same…

Heart- Ghazal

Love Heart Tattoo

Lately, I have been experimenting with several types of poetry. I hope to start sharing them with you all soon but here’s my attempt at a Ghazal.

Your heart is not free
You keep it hidden from me
As if I broke it
My heart is yours if you want it
You don’t even have to ask

What Eye See


I am complicated
and complex.
An unorganized mix of elements
but I am proud and strong;
full of love and fire.
I am an accomplished and determined
work in progress.

Sink, Swim,Survive

moonlit beach

You slip slowly from the edge
sinking deeper into sorrow.
No one sees so
no one is able to throw you a life line
or preserver or launch a rescue mission.
You decide that life there is much more preferable
to walking around battered and hurt in the dark.
Sometimes, I stand on the shore waiting for a sign
that you’ll someday come back.

Wishing Through My Pen


I wish that I was a prolific poet like Wanda Coleman.
That I could write revolution poems like Shelley
Or songs like Robert Nesta.
Wish that I could weave stories through my poetry
Like Gwendolyn, Sonia, Nikki, Audre and Maya.
That I could write the beauty of nature like Wordsworth and
But I am just me.
Just this version of a poet;
Simply putting pen to paper.
And right now…
That has to be enough.

Life is…

green roof2

Life is a series of movements.
Roller coaster rides of emotion, loss, laughter and growth.
If you are bold enough
it is always worth it;
even when you don’t realize it.