Absences-Donald Justice

Sometimes, for me, the appeal of a poem lies in the title. That was the case with this one. Well, the first line played a part too since it’s cold outside but not quite snowing(where I live). As always, enjoy! And stay warm.

It’s snowing this afternoon and there are no flowers.
There is only this sound of falling, quiet and remote,
Like the memory of scales descending the white keys
Of a childhood piano—outside the window, palms!
And the heavy head of the cereus, inclining,
Soon to let down its white or yellow-white.
Now, only these poor snow-flowers in a heap,
Like the memory of a white dress cast down . . .
So much has fallen.
And I, who have listened for a step
All afternoon, hear it now, but already falling away,
Already in memory. And the terrible scales descending
On the silent piano; the snow; and the absent flowers

A 2019 Goal

I know this is my first post for 2019. I apologize for being such a slacker. Happy New Year!

This year I went back to something that I hadn’t done in about three years. I set some yearly goals surrounding reading and submitting work. One of those goals is to read more on my tablet. I have a bad habit of using my phone to read(using the Kindle app) which I really became addicted to doing back when I had a Note phone. In the intervening year or so, I have only used my tablet to read while traveling. It is my major form of entertainment while sitting in the airport or on the plane. When I’m at home though, I rarely use it. Technology that I desperately wanted and used consistently for two years was just sitting there unused. Unless my nephew used it.
As a result, I decided to make sure that I use my tablet more. The larger screen is great for my eyes and the Kindle app is synched with the one on my phone. So all my books are there and the settings are the same.
One of the best things about this decision is that (I only read when I use my tablet). When I read on my phone, I can get distracted by apps or the internet but on my tablet that rarely happens. The only downsides are that my tablet battery drains quickly and notifications constantly pop up. I plan to tackle those two issues these week and continue reading.
Please share any literary resolutions on your list for 2019.