Out with the old…

As 2012 draws to a close I just want to take the time to thank those of you who take the time to read or subscribe to my little corner of the web. I have already planned my writer’s resolutions for the New Year and a large part of that will be maintaining a strong presence on my blog. I hope to include more pieces of fiction and possibly some serialized fiction.I also hope to publish more next year(fingers crossed).

This year has been an exceptionally trying one but I am looking forward to all of the possibilities of 2013 and I hope that you will all join me on my writing journey.

Thanks again! And Happy New Year!


Part III- Satisfied

Here it is, the final part of the triptych! I hope that you enjoy the final piece and that you’ve loved all three pieces.


He was more than
a craving.
The invasion followed
me back home
and now he’s

The trip was farther
than 1558 miles.
It was like going to
another planet;
he took me places my
visa couldn’t.
No stamp required;
only him and the
pleasure of his
fingers, lips, tongue, snake.

He had me moving my body like
a snake charmer.
But that ecstasy
is now a memory;
a void
left vacant
by his absence.
And my presence
only reminds me
of what I left behind.



Part II- Invaded

Okay, this is part two of the poetry triptych. It’s a piece that was previously featured on the blog and it inspired me to create two pieces around it. I didn’t make any changes to this piece but I’m thinking of expanding it. It was written to explore the five senses. I hope you enjoy.





On the really bad days

I can still taste

the salty sweetness of his sweaty skin 

Even ensconced in this concrete castle

I recall the smell of coffee, the sea, and the feel of the cool breeze

 blowing across my bare back, can still feel the sunshine bronzing

my skin as surely as if I’m standing on the sands of Montego

If I close my eyes I can still see the smooth caramel thighs

that lay stretched across the bed tangled in the white sheets

Like mountains against the clouds I can still hear his laugh

while picturing him seated at the table drinking Red Stripe his smile bubbling over his lips


On the really bad days

He never leaves my mind, it’s like he packed himself in my luggage

 along with the rest of my things

His scent has invaded my senses and I carry him with me everywhere





Given the events of Friday I wanted to urge all of my readers to think of the family members of those senselessly taken. And to take some time to give thanks to the police officers and educators of Newtown, Connecticut. Sometimes we are exposed to so much violence that we aren’t moved by the occurrences that we see on the news but Friday’s events were so shocking and unbelievable that it has touched the entire nation. The teachers,students, and members of that community all have my deepest sympathy and heartfelt love.



So today I’m sharing the first piece of the three part poem that I wrote about a few weeks ago. It may not be finished yet but I have it from one of my favorite beta readers that the triptych is one of her favorite pieces I’ve written. Hope you all enjoy!




The commercials never

show you what

paradise isn’t.

It can’t be found

in fruity drinks,

posh resorts,

or the shade of breadfruit

and palm trees.


Our gazes graze the scope

of each other’s faces

then lower

and lower still.

Blatant smiles convert bored

expressions as eyes whisper promises

from across the room.

Anticipation has me quivering like

a December night in


Heart beating faster than a

hummingbird’s wings.


My usual course

of dissuasion is mere

memory as I wade through the

crowd’s bored antipathy

towards the flame of his face.

The music fades as

we take the lover’s leap;

hands clasp waists and

lips finally meet.

His tongue is peppered and

spiced with jerk.


The night sky

covers us like a

Bob Marley tune

As our bodies harmonize

and we begin to stir it up





Last week, I blogged about my writing essentials. This an example of how important tea is to my writing life and life in general. I normally consume at least 3 mugs of chai, English breakfast, or peppermint tea a day. This tea practically takes up one shelf on my bookshelf. And this isn’t all if it; I have a vintage roll top bread box full of tea as well. Thanks for reading. I’m off to write and enjoy a post dinner mug of chai.



Greedy kisses
at 2 a.m.
console us.
Bliss is watching him,
listening to him speak,
lying with him.

Those moments
are my pleasure
and when we are
I miss him

In truth
these years don’t
feel wasted.
I would gladly
invest many more
for a future
of these moments.

He must be
what I dream
when I dream
of love.

But sadly, we are
separated by more
than distance
although I think
that I’m his
perfect match.

I am smart enough
to know that
he doesn’t see it.

He doesn’t understand that our bond
is not purely sexual or based
on looks.
We are not bound by
those things.
In truth,
I am in love
with his

And although
I constantly try
to convince
myself to walk away,
or give up
on us.
I’m still waiting.

For him to see
that real love
comes no purer
than me.


Writing Tools


I was recently asked, “What are the main tools or “must haves” you need in order to be a productive writer?” I’d never thought about it before but here are my essentials for getting down to writing: 1. Pen 2. Notepad 3. Laptop w/ Word and Excel(to track writing/stories) 4. Research material 5. Character sheets, plot ideas 6. Writing playlist(to set the mood) 7. A mug of tea(actually several mugs) 8. Inspiration, a story to tell 9. Flash drive/external hard drive I often use writing guides because they’re helpful too but I mostly read them prior to making revisions or edits.