The Incomparable Chloe Wofford

toni morrison

– For Toni Morrison with extreme gratitude

I have never wished for the bluest eye(s)
Or been called Tar Baby
I have sung the Song of Solomon,
Cried a mercy and sought Paradise
I have been Beloved
Been at Home in the arms of my mother
I have known Love, listened to Jazz
I have been transported through time, experience and
Have been hurtled through the richness of being black and female in America
Simply by turning the pages of her books
I have swam through depression, desolation, slavery and segregation
Given birth, been violated, tormented hunted and haunted in those moments
But I have risen, been reborn like a phoenix
In power and flame
By her words, her knowledge, her acknowledgment of history and reality
I am here putting words on paper in the hopes of evoking the same feelings in someone else


Another Update


Every year, another one of my writing resolutions is to attend events. I always feel like getting out to support other authors, poets, spoken word artists and literary establishments is a wonderful way to network and gain confidence. Writing can be a solitary existence but in keeping this resolution I hope to expand my support system.

Early last month, I discovered that a local shop would be having a poetry slam. I was excited because I’m the advisor of a spoken word group on campus and I wanted those students to attend/participate. When I showed up, I wasn’t planning on anything besides enjoying a cup of tea and some good poetry.

What happened was much more. I ended up performing two pieces and being featured in the local newspaper. This wasn’t enough to make me cross attending events off my list for the year but it gave me immense pride and I  wanted to share that with all of you.




For a time,
We had a superhero of
Our very own

His powers were larger than life
And endearing
Even though others might call them ordinary

He was
Caring, nurturing and giving
Taught us to look beyond
The trivial matters
And remember what’s truly important
He often set aside his own pain to
Comfort us
Looked out for us
Gifted us with laughter
Loved all of our children the same way he’d spent his life loving us

Now our hero is an angel
Looking out for us still
In the moments when grief tries to rob
Us of the memories
We will be able to recall his strength, his laugh, his smile